Seb Griffiths
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Hello, I'm Seb Griffiths.
Below are links to some of my recent dev work.

About SEO & Seb Griffiths

I have 6 years experience solving complex SEO issues & creating opportunities for growth & revenue for my clients

While I’m drawn to the tantalising technical side of SEO, I always enjoying explaining why semantic heading flow is important, or the concept of crawl budget to stakeholders at any knowledge level.

I’ve spent more time with ecommerce sites than other sectors, but have collaborated with not-for-profits on migrations & ongoing SEO campaigns.

I take pride in clearly communicating Search Engine requirements, concepts & opportunities. Where there is an opening for improvement, I can devise and concisely articulate a recommendation.

I love solving mysterious/quirky SEO issues that require deep dives, but am comfortable answering on-the-spot enquiries like "which JS framework is the most SEO friendly?".

I'm also interested in big picture questions like understanding how Google's crawling, indexing, and ranking systems work.

(There is a 2-billion-line algorithm categorising & sorting the entire internet, and serving it back to us - how is that not interesting!?)